Who are we?

Welcome to Fait Maison Cuisine!

We understand that you need a partner that supports you in everything you envision and makes it happen for you. Our key to success is capturing your vision and enhancing it with the flavor of love and taste of creativity. From concept to realization, together we will create a magical event that brings your vision to life. With mouthwatering food, bespoke presentations, and an attentive team, we will cherish memories together!

It is the finest recipe, the recipe of “your success is our success”. We will infuse the spirit of innovative edible art for a truly heartening experience in all your concepts and projects, making them alive and delicious. Get in touch today and lets start planning your upcoming event.

We’ve had the honor of being part of beautiful memories with our social partners - whether a romantic wedding, dazzling parties, cozy home gatherings, impactful corporate events, stylish birthday parties or the unforgettable arrival of a baby. Contact us so we can begin planning your next event and bring your event vision to life!


What our social partners say about us

Our vows

We promise to spread love and joy through food.

We promise to keep the essence alive and to touch each other’s hearts at all times in our relationship.

We promise to use our secret ingredients to stimulate the dance of your taste buds so that you can experience the ultimate, always.

We promise to be creative and unique in expressing our love to you.

We promise to provide you with the finest taste and quality in everything we give you.

We promise to assist you in all your aspirations and become, as much as possible, an inspiration to you.

We promise to bring the best of us and to help you bring out the best of you.

We promise that your success and happiness is our success and happiness.

We promise to always put you first and celebrate your uniqueness.

We promise to appreciate and value you and never take you for granted.

We promise to always infuse the spirit of innovative edible art in everything we do, for a truly heartening experience.

We, at Fait Maison Cuisine, feel a big sense of freedom that from now we don’t exist anymore as separate and that we are united with our loved ones in success and in bliss.